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Sign up here for your child's astrology reading (age 14 and under)

Each reading includes a copy of your child's astrological chart, a 50-minute podcast recording and a 2-page written summary

In a children's reading, I focus on key personality traits, fundamental needs, motivators, strengths to encourage and life-path opportunities
If you would like to have a Family Reading (including one or both parents), please indicate below in the form.  In a Family Reading, I provide my classic natal chart reading for the parents as well, including key personality traits, needs, motivators, strengths and talents.  I will also identify behavioral tendencies that are similar to and different from your child's and assist you with recognizing and encouraging your child's natural gifts.  Readings for children are offered at a discount while readings for parents are at my normal rate.  
Once you have signed up, I will contact you by email to confirm your reading has been scheduled.  You will also have the opportunity to provide additional information prior to the reading if you wish.

Thank you!  I look forward to working with you!
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