A Look at What's Inside!

Welcome to Step 2 of How to Get Started Playing Guitar!
By now, you know exactly why you want to play guitar; and you need guitar equipment or may be thinking about making some changes!
With this package:
  • Learn the "necesseties" and "optionals" of guitar equipment, to start out right
  • Become knowledgeable of the actual equipment, itself, so you can feel confident choosing your own
  • Get advice to change or add to your current equipment

Step 2 includes exclusive access to the "Guitar Tuners, Strings & Things" Webinar and my private New Student Equipment Suggestions List! 

with 2 bonuses:
  • a 3-song collection download of my new music 
  • my specific, and my Personal "Necessities" Recommendations Slides


Become knowledgeable and confident. Start off (or continue on) right!

To get your guitar equipment, fill in your info and it will be delivered straight to your inbox immediately! 
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