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We, the brexiteers are not being listened to. The most brexity party with any power is the Conservatives and they are led by a remain campaigner. The other parties who should hold them to account want red-lines to stop us leaving the EU too much! We need red-lines to make sure we leave fully!

I'd like at least one person in each constituency to be signed up to send letters to their MP and also to the local press etc.

Maybe once a month (or ad-hoc) I'll send a newsletter with info on suggested letters to send - if you broadly support the issue, write your letter and send it!

If you have an idea for a letter, send it in and I'll included in a subsequent newsletter.

I am a private individual, have been a UKIP parliamentary candidate but not currently a member of any party. I understand 'stewardship' doing things for the benefit of all, even if you don't totally agree.

Please sign up, with postcode, so I can check the constituencies covered.


Paul Perrin
Find me here (email) here (web)  and here (another web) - I am a real person!
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