Fundraising Association for Wye School

Membership Form

Please complete and return this form to the school to become a member of the Fundraising Association for Wye School (FAWS). All parents/legal guardians of students enrolled at Wye Elementary School are encouraged to become members of the FAWS. Other interested persons may become Community Members, subject to vested interest and bylaws, as approved by the Association. The majority of members of the Association will be parents/legal guardians. There are no membership fees.

As a member of FAWS I have the right to:

  • receive notice of, attend, and speak at all meetings.
  • serve on committees or chair fundraisers.
  • stand for election as an Officer on the Executive.
  • vote on financial matters relating to fundraisers.

I understand the rights and responsibilities of being a member of FAWS as outlined in the bylaws. The fundraising Association bylaws can be found at the school’s website at

I understand that I may revise my consent or membership at any time.  It is my responsibility to notify FAWS of any changes to the information contained in this form.

**If both parents want to become members of the FAWS, both must complete a form.**

The Fundraising Association for Wye School is required to obtain this information under the Societies Act. All information collected will be used in accordance to the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA). For more information please contact the FAWS President:

* indicates required
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