Momentum Choir's Registration Form

Member Information & Consent Form

Welcome to Momentum Choir! We are excited to have you join us. Please fill out the form below to register for the choir. Please note, you are not officially registered for the choir until you have a virtual greeting with Mendelt Hoekstra, Momentum Choir's Executive and Artistic Director. 

Before you fill out the form please read below. 

Membership Fees
To be a member of Momentum, there is a $5.00 fee. Cheques can be made payable to Momentum Choir. Fees are due at the beginning of the season in September. If you have any questions, please contact Mendelt Hoekstra or Trinda Rensen.


These are rules that must be followed during every rehearsal and every performance.

Momentum is your choir, let’s keep it great!

1. Respect all fellow choir members.
2. Have a positive attitude
3. Be on time
4. Learn the lyrics, the music and the movements.
5. Listen to other singers, even when it is not your time to sing
6. No gum
7. Treat others with respect and care
8. You may have water before and after performances
9. No waving at the audience
10. Watch the Choir Director at all times
11. Follow Dress Code for performances.
12. Have fun and show it!
13. Follow all directions from the staff and volunteers of Momentum.
14. No cell phones or hand-held devices during rehearsal or performance.
15. Always use appropriate language.

Staff and Supporter expectations:
1. Please make every attempt to be on time.
2. Before and after rehearsals and performances, please STAY with the person you are supporting. You are responsible for their well-being
3. During rehearsals and performances, please allow the Momentum directors to be the first to deal with any issues. We are fully trained in musical and non-musical issues. In saying that, we will ask you for your help if needed.
4. Please direct any questions regarding scheduling to Momentum’s Director of Systems, Trinda Rensen.

The participant or the substitute decision maker has the right to withdraw this consent at any time by contacting the Director of systems. The opportunity to be informed and to complete this consent must first be given to the participant. Where the participant is not of the age of majority or lacks legal capacity to give consent, this consent is to be signed by the Substitute Decision Maker/ Guardian prior to using the photos or digital media. When consent is signed by the Substitute Decision Maker/ Guardian, the relationship tot he participant must be stated. Furthermore, when the consent is given by the Substitute Decision Maker/ Guardian, it is most desirable to obtain the consent and signature of the participant as well, provided he or she has been fully informed as much as possible. 

By submitting this document you, the participant, authorize the use of photographs, video, and other digital media by Momentum Choir for the purposes listed below, for the benefit of Momentum Choir:
- Fundraisers
- Website and Social Media
- Public Relations Presentations
- Newspaper articles or other publications
- Marketing and Promotion material 

By signing this consent form, my permission is given to take and use the photographs and/or digital media for the purposes identified above. 

* indicates required
The phone number of the substitute decision maker
Add any information you wish to make Momentum Choi aware of
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